Thank you, Riku lehtopolku

Wiser. Faster. Bolder.

Riku lehtopolku

Lead wiser, act faster, be bolder

Every business must develop their current operations or create new business. We are a bold and insightful partner for the strategic development and digitisation, organisational change and sustainable commercialisation of your business. 

Our secret to success is simple:
True insight – new perspective – outstanding execution

These are the challenges we will help you with:


Taking your
business to
a new level

We help understand the changes in the operational environment and identify internal strengths. Through these, a new direction for the business and a new way to function can be determined.


Brand and

We help find the core of your business to excite and create relevance for stakeholders. We make it visible with an attractive story and visualisation.


of business

We help design new digital business or make current business more efficient with digitality. We produce digital solutions ourselves or as part of a development group.


the commercial

We help create a commercial culture in your organisation, produce new, bold views, help sales teams succeed and make recruiting new commercial talent easy.

This is how we do it

Wiser, faster, bolder

When entering the market quickly, new business and results will come in already during development. Business design will phase the change, make it exciting and the business sustainable. Our multi-talent team will support you through execution and make sure that you are on the forefront of development.

The way we work